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Reviews are in for Therapeutic Mindfulness

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5.0 out of 5 stars A must-read
This book is filled with tools that are easy to use and make a real impact on emotional well-being. Using these tools in companion with in-person therapy has greatly accelerated my person growth and progress. Ruth does a great job of explaining the stress response and our brain's tendency to focus in on survival skills rather than long-term happiness skills.

When we become aware of our habits, and practice pausing and shifting our response, we can create the life we want instead of reacting the the life in front of us. By making these small shifts, we can move from surviving to thriving.

Ruth has a beautiful gift for simplifying concepts, and also honoring the impact these concepts have on our well-being. This guide is easy to use and applicable for someone new to mindfulness, an expert in the field, or anyone somewhere in between. As a therapist who also attends therapy, this book has helped me in my personal growth and also given me tools to share with clients I work with. I will be buying more copies to share with important people in my life.
- Angie Rose

5.0 out of 5 stars Don't Just Read It, Try It
"I have been actively involved in spiritual teaching organizations and events around the country for over fifty years. In that position, I have seen plenty of spiritual and psychological pop fads and ideologies come and go. I found most of them to be lacking in any real substance, or, in some cases, having substance but not being able to convey any practical application of their understanding.

"Ruth's book is not one of those. Hers is a breath of fresh air in a world populated with many self-proclaimed experts and quick fix hyperboles that do not work in daily life. This book is down to earth and real: simply written, easy to understand, and accessible to anyone who wishes to apply the methods. Best of all, it works. Ruth is a skilled and compassionate soul who understands you carry real pain and has found a way that you can use to help free yourself of past trauma continuing to dominate your life. The book is not filled with dry statistics and psychological mumbo-jumbo; instead it is engaging, moving from heartbreaking stories to humorous and inspiring ones that you will find give you hope...and even better, a way to realize it."
--Steven McAfee


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