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These worksheets are designed to help make therapeutic mindfulness simple - 
but not necessarily easy!

The Daily Body Check helps to develop awareness and a sense of stability while lowering suppression of emotions.

This is the process of Therapeutic Mindfulness, step-by-step.

These questions are what helps you get out of your story and into your body. This is the solution to our tendency to "Wallow".

Vital to all healing is non-judgment. Allowing Phrases give you words and ideas to guide you. 

These Allowing Phrases are much like the original, but are in 2nd person for those who can use self-compassion in their practice.

These Allowing Phrases are like the original but directed towards someone else. It is a reference for therapists and healers.

This tool can help track progress in a meaningful way whether you are using therapeutic mindfulness or another method of healing.

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