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Ms. Fearnow's presentation at UFW was approximately 20 minutes, as that is the allotment of time for a guest speaker. However, she covered a LOT of territory, leaving us wanting more and drawing us into her workshop the following week.

Ruth was very engaging and managed the audience well.

As a licensed social worker and health educator for many years I understand how difficult it is to present in front of diverse group from medical professionals to paraprofessionals.  It is not easy to keep everyone interested and not lose them in the message of too simplistic or too technical.  Ruth managed our conference attendees very well.

I appreciate her passion.  She has the heart of a teacher.

I have really enjoyed hearing Ruth speak. Ruth's content is always well thought out and informative. Ruth presents in a manner that has you take a deep dive inside and not remain on the surface. Forcing one to answer those tough personal questions we all face.

Dye Small

Former President Board of Directors

Unity Spiritual Center, Fort Wayne

Penny Torma, LSN, LSW, CBISLocal Support Network Leader for Northern IndianaRehabilitation Hospital of IndianaResource Facilitation Program

Judy Gatton, Owner
Elements Massage
Member, Unity Spiritual Center of Fort Wayne

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